To all teachers who are interested in joining us:——

Every year, Meisha Bilingual School strives to hire elite global teachers with rich teaching experience, broad international vision and deep passion in education. In their classrooms, the students can have access to knowledge, enjoy trust and respect and find their true selves.

Exploring bilingual education, Meisha Bilingual School will give you the same trust and respect so that you can perform at your best strengths in class and get back to the basics in education.

Recruitment conditions for teachers at Meisha Bilingual School
(1) Domestic school recruitment
1. Full time master's degree or above;
2. Graduates from normal universities are required to have a corresponding major, while graduates from comprehensive universities are required to have a correlation between their major and the subject they are teaching, and to have a deep love for the subject they are studying;
3. Priority will be given to those who have served as the main cadre of the student union or club during their school years;
4. Excellent academic performance during school, with priority given to those who have received various scholarships;
5. Priority will be given to those who hold a teacher qualification certificate.
(2) Overseas campus recruitment
1. Full time master's degree or above;
2. There is a correlation between the major and the subject being taught, and a deep love for the subject area being studied;
3. Applicants for English teacher positions with an IELTS score of 7.5 or above, a score of 7 or above in a single subject, or a TOEFL score of 110 or above, with a minimum score of 25 in a single subject; Applicants for teaching in other subjects with an IELTS score of 6.5 or above, or a TOEFL score of 90 or above;
4. Graduates from top 100 universities in the QS, THE, and USNews World University Rankings will be given priority;
During the undergraduate and graduate studies, priority will be given to readers in countries where English is the working language;
6. Priority will be given to those who possess a domestic teacher qualification certificate.
(3) Social recruitment
1. Those with senior professional titles;
2. Those who hold the title of Senior Teacher and also hold the title of Special Teacher or National Honorary Commendation;
3. Under the age of 55, those who are particularly outstanding can be moderately relaxed; Priority will be given to those under 50 years old.
On the basis of possessing the above abilities, we sincerely invite outstanding teachers from relevant subjects to join us. We believe that having a happy and worry free life at Mesa Bilingual School is also one of our goals, and we will provide you with:
1. A first-class education platform
The Meisha Education Platform, with a top-notch team of renowned teachers and an international perspective, provides teachers with unlimited possibilities for development;
2. Salary above industry level
Salary income with market competitive advantages, especially outstanding individuals can be interviewed in person;
3. Comprehensive and sufficient welfare protection
Six insurances and one fund, children's tuition fee reduction and benefits, professional title evaluation, annual physical examination, paid winter and summer vacation;
4. Rich and diverse humanistic care
Professional training, staff tea breaks, holiday condolences, birthday parties, fitness venues.

You will work with a group of excellent teachers from all over the world, interact with students who will become future leaders, on the beautiful campus by the mountain, and build up your body by a sea offering high concentration of negative oxygen ions. Here, students and teachers will efficiently complete project-based learning with the help of intelligent teaching environment and equipment; we need your strength for this cause in the face of the future world!

Meisha Bilingual School